Rep. Nicole La Ha Supports Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods

State Representative Nicole La Ha is committed to supporting law enforcement efforts and ensuring the safety of neighborhoods across the 82nd District. Rep. Nicole La Ha is proud to be co-sponsoring of two important pieces of legislation, HB 4423 and HB 4048, aimed at bolstering law enforcement recruitment and support.

“Supporting our law enforcement and ensuring the safety of our neighborhoods are top priorities for me,” Rep. Nicole La Ha said. “These bills are crucial steps in addressing recruitment challenges and providing essential support to our officers. By investing in our police force and incentivizing their return to service, we can work towards building stronger, safer communities across the 82nd District and all of Illinois.”

HB 4423, an amendment to the Illinois Police Training Act, establishes the Recruitment Division within the Illinois Law EnforcementTraining Standards Board. This division will spearhead the Back the Badge program, which focuses on developing recruitment plans tailored to the specific needs and priorities of law enforcement agencies and communities. The division will work in collaboration with agencies to attract and retain diverse officers who reflect the communities they serve.

Similarly, HB 4048, an amendment to the Higher Education Student Assistance Act, creates the Returning Police Officers Loan Repayment Assistance Program. This program, administered by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, aims to alleviate the burden of student loans for police officers who have left law enforcement. By offering financial assistance, the program encourages officers to return to service, particularly in areas facing critical shortages of law enforcement personnel.

Rep. Nicole La Ha has a firm commitment to fostering partnerships between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. With an emphasis on recruitment and support, her legislative efforts represent a proactive approach to enhancing public safety throughout the state.

Nicole La Ha is the State Representative in the 82nd District. Rep. Nicole La Ha has a demonstrated track record of leading, advocating, and getting results for those in needResiding in Homer Glen with her husband and two children, Mrs. La Ha embodies the district’s values. Visit to learn more about Rep. La Ha’s legislative efforts, sign-up for her email updates, and take her online survey.