State Rep. Nicole La Ha Responds to Budget Address, Calls for Realignment with Constituent Needs

In response to the Governor’s budget address, State Representative Nicole La Ha released the following statement:

“As a working mom, I’m glad to see Governor Pritzker is eliminating the grocery tax, which will provide direct tax relief to families,” said State Rep. Nicole La Ha. “But he should not ignore the immediate challenges of inflation, crime, immigration, and the rising cost of living that our families face.”

These problems are compounded by the lack of action at the border, which will cost the state billions. I have a hard time justifying this spending while seniors are being priced out of their homes by ever-increasing property taxes. I have a hard time with the fact that someone here illegally doesn’t have a co-pay for a doctor visit, but our own citizens do,” explained La Ha.

“We deserve a budget that is ambitious about tackling today’s problems. Let’s prioritize immediate relief for inflation, more robust support for law enforcement, and a fairer tax system alongside our long-term goals.”

Nicole La Ha is the State Representative in the 82ndDistrict. She is not new to making a difference. Crowned Mrs. America in 2022, she has been an influential voice advocating for accessible community facilities and inclusive playgrounds for children with disabilities. As an author, Mrs. America, and on the Homer Glen Village Council, Nicole has a demonstrated track record of leading, advocating, and getting results for those in needResiding in Homer Glen with her husband and two children, Mrs. La Ha embodies the district’s values.